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Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma

Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma is one of the leading non-profit youth development organizations in Oklahoma.  We offer programs for young people that allow them to dig deep inside and discover their sparks, passions and unique interests. These programs, for boys and girls ages 5-18, focus on leadership, character development, confidence, respect for diversity and decision making. All program activities are designed to educate and inspire the youth we serve. They build solid relationships, have lifelong memories, and experiences that lead them to reaching their full potential. Each year, through our various programs, we serve over 4000 youth throughout the Oklahoma City area.  We've been at the same location since 1956.

We recently completed a Market Opportunity Analysis and from that we developed a 3-5 year strategic plan.  Our plan is centered around 3 business priorities, which guide our daily operations - Funding, Marketing and Facilities. 

We are a member of United Way of Central Oklahoma, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of commerce, the Center for Non-Profits, and we have a current GiveSmart profile. We also have an endowment through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. 

Some of the agencies that we partner with are Positive Tomorrows and Gamma Phi Beta. 

Our vision is to become the most visible, respected camp facility in Central Oklahoma for outdoor educational youth activities.


Our Mission

The mission of Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma is to help young people find their spark and discover who they are.


Core Values

The Heart of Oklahoma Council places high importance on the values that are inherent to the organization.  These help guide us in our work with youth and we utilize them to help in our decisions and direct the way we do business to achieve our goals.

  • Character - Camp Fire is uniquely equipped to build character.  We have created an environment of acceptance, inclusivity, and caring so kids can learn and develop their character.  We teach values of fairness, respect and responsibility for one's actions.

  • Confidence - We encourage healthy risk-taking and challenges.  We build confidence through designed activities. We provide an opportunity to learn self-awareness and accomplishment and to become self-assured and poised.

  • Connection - We celebrate uniqueness and enhance the well-being of all individuals through positive relationships.

  • Competence - No matter the age, learning is continuous. We offer the opportunity to learn healthy habits such as healthy eating, caring for oneself and others and how to recognize unsafe behaviors.



Camp Fire was founded in 1910 by Luther Gulick, M.D., and his wife, Charlotte Gulick, as the first non-sectarian organization for girls in the United States.

In 1975, the organization was expanded to include boys. Camp Fire USA is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo.


First meetings of Camp Fire Girls are held in Vermont. Dr. Gulick chooses the name "Camp Fire" because campfires were the origin of the first communities and domestic life. Once people learned to make and control fire, they could develop and nurture a sense of community. 


American Camp Association (ACA) Accreditation

Camp DaKaNi is ACA Accredited!

We are very excited to announce that Camp DaKaNi has earned American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation.  Receiving accreditation signifies that our camp maintains the highest standards of excellence in facility, safety, staffing and program design.

Perhaps the best way to give you some insight into the ACA is to let them introduce themselves. The following is an excerpt from an ACA publication:

“The American Camping Association is a community of camp professionals and is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults through the camp experience. ACA Accreditation identifies those programs which offer a solid foundation of health, safety, & program quality. Only one in four camps meet these high standards!

Founded in 1910, the American Camping Association (ACA) is the only not-for-profit educational body that accredits all types of camps throughout the United States. With members in all 50 states and several foreign countries, we demonstrate our commitment to health, safety, and program quality in camps.

ACA-accredited camps meet up to 300 standards for health, safety, and program quality. By choosing an ACA-accredited camp, you can be assured that many important questions have been asked and appropriately answered.”

The American Camp Association watches it’s camps very closely. Camp DaKaNi will have ACA trained visitors on a regular basis and go through an extremely in-depth evaluation every three years. There are very few aspects of our camp program that aren't addressed by the ACA Standards. This system of inspection and accreditation is of great value to parents in evaluating prospective camps for their children. It is your assurance that trained professionals are looking at the things that you can't see and asking the tough questions that you may not even have considered. It tells you that the camp operators are being observed, and our decisions and actions monitored. It also provides us with invaluable guidance as we make sure that our camp meets and/or exceeds each and every standard prescribed by the ACA.

Being an ACA accredited camp shows our commitment to providing a safe, fun and nurturing environment for children.  We will not compromise on providing the highest quality experience in accordance with our keen awareness for safety.

Camp DaKaNi and it’s entire staff are very proud of our accreditation by the American Camping Association!

You can learn more about the American Camp Association at www.acacamps.org

ACA also provides a wealth of resources for parents at www.campparents.org

Penn Henthorn
Director of Programming
Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma